III AD is a small design-build firm dedicated to thoughtfully designed and carefully constructed work. We approach each project as a unique opportunity for collaboration with our clients.

From its inception in 1989, III AD has been committed to careful material and resource use, an abiding dedication to the principles of sustainable design and construction, sound and inventive technology application, and a creative approach to the entire design-build process, from the development of the project program, through the design phases, and into the field where the work is constructed.

Our experience as carpenters and craftsmen gives us deep insight through the design process, on budget management and material and resource use. Meanwhile our training in architecture and fine arts encourages creativity and thoughtfulness throughout the design and building process

III AD’s body of work covers a broad range of project types and scales, from lights and furniture design and fabricated in our shop to houses and small scale commercial work. Our interest in the arts has led to a close relationship with local artists and allowed us the opportunity to work on a number of private studios as well as collaborations with and construction for the local arts community. We bring the same spirit of cooperative creativity to our residential projects.