Joseph (Joe) Statz
Designer, preeminent model builder, master carpenter and steady hand on the job site, unflappable. His last name has become a verb in III AD parlance which means “to sneak up on the truth or to finesse a detail to within an inch of its life.” Joe is also a father of six lovely children, a devoted husband and family man.

Jeanne Marquardt
Studio manager, controller, numbers person, den mother and the wheel upon which our world spins. If Jono (below) has too much sail, Jeanne’s the ballast, rudder and lookout who keeps the boat off the reef. Jeanne is a dedicated, loving mother of two.

Jonathan (Jono) Query
Designer, builder, fond of the edge, reefs, and ready to sail in any weather. Dedicated to the III AD family and all their kin and ilk.


Josh Birdsall


Jesse Randzio


Joshua Price